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New Release 0.12.0


Hrorm 0.12.0 is out.

There is one new feature: the ability to do “SELECT DISTINCT” queries.


More commentary on this.

The external interface changes are small. In fact, it’s almost trivial.

I like the interface that is presented to the user. I think it’s easy to use and expressive.

The implementation was somewhat painful and in some ways added some extra complexity to hrorm’s internals. But that depends on point of view.

The Column interface now has four (4!) type parameters. It’s a little bit gnarly, but it works. Though, it does require some strange casts that are not really casts considering type erasure.

I thought about not doing it this way, and instead having the user specify the types through something like a generic column being exposed in the interface, but that makes it harder (or at least a bit uglier) to use and means repeating the same data in the query that was specified in the DaoBuilder.

The other issue is that this feature branch has a child feature branch that supports fully generic primary keys. But that thing is really a big thumping change, and requires a lot of internals to get more gnarly. I am not sure it’s worth it.

For now, I am putting this out, since this is something I need for a project I am working on.