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Hrorm Binary Size


I read a bunch of things recently about software bloat, and I got curious about the size of hrorm. Here’s a history of the size of hrorm through released versions. Scale is in bytes. Started at under 40K bytes, and now is about 115K. I would still call that small.



Oh wow. When you compare 0.7.x-0.8.x to 0.11.0, it looks even more tame. I wonder if there’s a good way to get a ratio of size to features or something, that would be interesting.

This is also fairly representative- you’re not pulling in libraries that will bloat the dataset. Its a pure Java library…

The big jump right around 0.5-0.6, I wonder what that’s about.


Version 0.6.0 is the first version that supported Keyless entities. It was a major new feature.

Still, the hrorm jar is still just a fraction of a megabyte. It’s a very small thing.

I do like that somehow it shrank a bit from its peak size.

Been quite a while since the last release. I haven’t needed anything. :smiley: